How to do the Camino de Santiago

Although the preferred way of doing the Camino de Santiago is still on foot, many pilgrims choose to make their pilgrimage by bicycle or even on horseback. All these ways are perfectly valid to get their Compostela when they arrive in the Galician capital.

You can also decide to have some company and undertake this adventure in a group, with your pet, or alone. And believe us when we tell you that there will always be someone at each stage to walk with you, especially if you choose a popular Camino.

Although most pilgrims do the Jacobean route on foot, there are many other ways to do the Camino de Santiago, such as by bike or even on horseback.

Knowing how to do the Camino de Santiago is something you should take into account, as it can totally condition your pilgrimage.

The concept is the same, although depending on the means of transport you choose, you will have to travel more or less kilometers to obtain the Compostela, in addition to that some routes may vary slightly.

The Way
on foot

The Way
by Bike

The Way
on Horseback

Doing the Camino
with children

The Camino de Santiago
with your dog

The Way
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