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camino santiago 7 dias

Jan 5, 2023

The Camino de Santiago in 7 days

If you only have 7 days to walk the Camino de Santiago, these are the main starting points from which you can start any of the different Jacobean routes.
credencial camino de santiago

Nov 21, 2022

Getting the Credential of the Camino de Santiago: where and how to do it.

Before starting the adventure of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, we may have many logical questions, and several of them have to do with the Pilgrim’s Credential. What is the Credential? Do I need it to be able to do the Camino de Santiago? How do I get it?

Sep 6, 2022

The Botafumeiro of the Santiago Cathedral

If you want to have the opportunity to see the botafumeiro of the Cathedral of Santiago in action, here we tell you how and when you can do it, as well as tell you about its origin and dimensions. Don’t miss it on your visit to Santiago de Compostela.

Aug 9, 2022

Xacobean Year 2022: Why is it so special?

The Xacobean Year is eagerly awaited by pilgrims and Christians from all over the world, but also for many non-believers who are encouraged to visit Santiago de Compostela during these months. We tell you why.

Jun 30, 2022

The Compostela: what it is and how to get it

Do you know what exactly the compostela is? We explain its origin as well as the requirements to obtain it as a pilgrim if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago.
camino santiago 10 dias

Jun 7, 2022

The Way of Saint James in 10 days

If you only have 10 days to complete the Camino de Santiago, you have many options to choose from. Let us show you the starting point of each alternative so that you can reach Santiago de Compostela in the 10 days planned.
camino primitivo

May 24, 2022

Why you should do the Primitive Way

The Primitive Way is the original Camino de Santiago and many do not know it. This little frequented route offers its walkers unique natural environments and many secrets to discover. Let us give you reasons why you should be encouraged to undertake this adventure.
ciudades camino santiago

Apr 26, 2022

The most beautiful cities of each Camino de Santiago

Salamanca, Seville, Donosti, Pamplona… These are the most beautiful cities that you can visit depending on the variant of the Camino you decide to do. Choose your favorite!
camino santiago mayores

Mar 14, 2022

The Way of Saint James for Seniors

The Camino de Santiago is suitable for all ages, but if you are over 60 you should take into account certain aspects. In this post we give you some tips so that you can enjoy your pilgrimage without difficulties.
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