Stage 2: Neda - Pontedeume

21,4 Km
4h 15m

General information

Neda is not the most popular town in Spain, but it is still worth a visit. It is a small and beautiful town, which is on its way to becoming a tourist place of interest and increasingly visited.

This small but beautiful city is on its way to becoming a major tourist attraction with its unique activities and unique areas to explore.



This stage of the English Way passes through very different residential areas, starting with a gentle climb of 60 meters. The views of the Ferrol estuary to the west are impressive and well worth the effort.

The road becomes smoother as you approach the small town of Fene, at the top. You will pass through several neighborhoods before reaching the town center, where you can appreciate the architecture and see the incredible houses that are built around the area.

The English Way has several water fountains along the entire route. They are spaced approximately every 5 kilometers, so you can travel much lighter and stop to refuel when you need to. The structures of these fountains were built with the spirit of the Camino in mind, so we recommend you visit them.

Hostels Neda - Pontedeume

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue de Peregrinos de Pontedeume Calle del Muelle, (Embarcadero deportivo) Pontedeume (A Coruña) 682 469 004, 981 43 30 39 (Información) Municipal Concello de Pontedeume Miguel y personal municipal
Albergue Rio Eume Calle Club Firrete 19 Pontedeume 604 036 109 Privada - Sergio Iglesias
Casa de Acogida San Jose C/ del Palacio-11, esquina con Rúa de Abaixo-10 Cabanas 660 244 324 (José Carlos) Parroquia de Cabanas-Unidad pastoral de Pontedeume Unidad pastoral de Pontedeume Párroco Benjamín
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