Stage 5: Bruma - Sigüeiro

24,4 Km
6 h
Mountain - Urban

General information

This stage of the English Way is mostly flat, with some small uphill and hilly areas, but it is fairly easy walking terrain.



Leave Bruma and take the road to Ordes, which is almost deserted. This route includes stops in the villages of O Seixo, Cruz, Ardemil, O Castro and A Carreira.

In Cruz you will find a bar where you can have breakfast if you need it. After the first 5 km, leave the road and walk along a dirt track to the parish of San Paio de Buscás. The Romanesque church of this parish was rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries after being destroyed. It has a rectangular nave, masonry walls and a gable roof.

When you leave the parish of Buscás, turn right onto a dirt track that passes under the AC-224 road. From here you must continue until you reach Outeiro de Arriba, which connects with the local road to Senra through a forest path. Following the path you will reach A Senra and then the village of A Rúa.

After 2 km we will take a paved road on the left, continuing until we reach the village of Baxoia through a route full of trees.

We will then take the AP-9 highway through a tunnel and walk along a dirt road in a straight line for approximately 6 kilometers until we reach the Sigüeiro industrial park.

Although it is an industrial area, it serves as a viewpoint to appreciate the whole town of Sigüeiro. From here we will enter the town crossing the Carboeiro river through a playground.

Hostals Bruma - Sigüeiro

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Ultreia Et Suseia Rúa do Campo, 4-bajo izquierda 15888 Sigüeiro (Oroso) 638 177 894 Privado Privado Samanta Franco
Albergue Camino Real Sigueiro Calle Ourense, 9 Sigüeiro 648 74 60 23 (Español, portugués y gallego); 685 11 03 77 (Inglés e italiano) - - -
Albergue Miras Avenida de Compostela, 16, 1ª planta Sigüeiro 881 981 909, 619 265 693 Privado Privado Concepción Mirás
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