Stage 6: Sigüeiro - Santiago de Compostela

16,7 Km
Very low

General information

The last stage that completes the route to Santiago de Compostela is only 17 kilometers long, and is much easier than the previous ones, as there are no steep climbs or other challenges. You can really enjoy this part of the trip.



We pass through Sigüeiro and cross a stone bridge that spans the Tambre River. This bridge, dating from the 13th century, presents a romantic style in three of its arches and a gothic style in the other. After passing through here, we will have to cross the bridge to enter the municipality of Santiago de Compostela.

We continue along a forest track until we reach the AC-250 road and continue along several dirt roads with numerous crossroads that lead to a tunnel. This will allow us to cross the AP-9 freeway.

We head towards the hermitage of Agualada, which we can see as we go along the road. We will drive along the N-550 highway again, but always paying attention to the traffic.

We will advance along the Tambre river and the asphalt road, where the vegetation will gradually disappear. Following the road, a few meters we will arrive at the famous Plaza del Obradoiro, where we can enjoy the atmosphere of Santiago de Compostela, talk with other pilgrims who have just arrived, or enjoy the facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Hostels Sigüeiro - Santiago de Compostela

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Porta Real Rúa dos Concheiros, 10 Santiago de Compostela 633 610 114 Privado Albergue Porta Real S.C Manuel
Albergue Mundoalbergue C/ San Clemente, 26 Santiago de Compostela 981 58 86 25, 674 415 600 Privado Privado José Manuel Señarís
Albergue Santo Santiago Rúa do Valiño, 3 Santiago de Compostela 657 402 403 Privado Privado Alfredo
Residencia de Peregrinos San Lazaro Rúa San Lázaro, s/n. (Al lado del camino en el museo Pedagógico) Santiago de Compostela 981 57 14 88, 618 266 894 Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Marita Vigo
Albergue Seminario Menor La Asuncion Avenida Quiroga Palacios, s/n (Muy cerca de la Catedral de Santiago) Santiago de Compostela 881 031 768 Hoteles Encantados, S.L. Hoteles Encantados, S.L. Personal de Hoteles Encantados, S.L.
Albergue The Last Stamp Rúa do Preguntoiro, 10 Santiago de Compostela 981 56 35 25 Privado Privado Ana y Paula
Albergue La Estacion 2 Rúa Xoana Nogueira, 14 (400/500 m de la estación de tren) Santiago de Compostela 981 59 46 24, 639 228 617 Privado Privado María y Miguel
albergue Fin Del Camino Rúa de Moscova, s/n Santiago de Compostela 981 587 324 Fundación Ad Sanctum Iacobum Peregrinatio Fundación Ad Sanctum Iacobum Peregrinatio Voluntarios de la Fundación
Albergue Loopinn Santiago C/ Rúa de Tras Santa Clara Santiago de Compostela 682 158 011, 981 585 667 Privado Privado Dirección y encargados
Albergue O Fogar de Teodomiro Plaza de Algalia de Arriba, 3 (Calle hacia la Plaza Cervantes) Santiago de Compostela 981 58 29 20, 699 631 592 Privada Privada
Albergue Azabache Calle Azabachería, 15 Santiago de Compostela 981 07 12 54 Privado Privado Mari Cruz
Albergue La Estrella De Santiago C/ Concheiros, 36-38. Local izquierda Santiago de Compostela 881 97 39 26, 617 882 529 Privado Privado Ana Fernández
Albergue Roots Boots C/ Campo Cruceiro do Gaio, 7 Santiago de Compostela 699 631 594 Privado Privado Cristina y Alba
Albergue Meiga Backpackers Rúa dos Basquiños, 67 Santiago de Compostela 981 57 08 46 Privado Privado Mari Cruz
Albergue La Credencial Fonte dos Concheiros, 13 Santiago de Compostela 639 966 704, ­981 068 083 Privado Privado Margarita Rodríguez
Blanco Albergue Rúa Galeras, 30 (Muy cerca de la Catedral) Santiago de Compostela 881 976 850, 699 591 238 - -
Albergue Monterrey Rúa fontiñas, Nº65A, bajo Santiago de Compostela (+34) 655 484 299 Privado Privado Lourdes y Javier
Albergue Sixtos No Caminho Rúa da Fonte dos Concheiros, 2A, Bajos, 15703 Santiago de Compostela Teléfono: 881 067 936 / WhatsApp: 682 721 194 (Texto) Privado Privado Orlando y Ramiro
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