Stage 3: Pontedeume - Betanzos

19,8 Km
Urban - Coast

General information

Pontedeume is located at the end of the Eume River and on the side of a hill called Breamo. It is a charming town that has attracted tourists for its historical importance as well as for its magnificent scenery.

The Andrade family was instrumental in the growth of Pontedeume, and their legacy is still present today. According to local legends, the wooden bridge that crosses the river was built so that the lord of the land could collect tolls from travelers and prevent enemies from passing through.



The third stage of the English Way of St. James begins with a steep climb from Pontedeume. Cross the traffic circle and the road from the south end of the bridge to Calle de Mancebo, following Calle Real or Calle Santiago uphill.

Head down Mancebo until you reach Pescadaria Street and then turn left. You will see a staircase on your right that will take you to the parish church. After crossing the churchyard, go up another set of stairs to reach Rua da Fonte Nova. From here you will leave the city.

The second part of this stage is more difficult than the first, with steeper climbs and numerous dirt roads.

Hostals Pontedeume - Betanzos

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue de Peregrinos de Mino Rúa Marismas, s/n Miño (A Coruña) 689 233 678 (Jose) / 659 357 407 (Alberto) Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia -
Albergue de Peregrinos Casa da Pescaderia de Betanzos Rúa Pescadería, esquina con Rúa Ferreiros Betanzos (A Coruña) - Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Fernando Novo
Albergue Rio Mandeo Rua Doctor Fleming, nº3, local 7 Betanzos ( A Coruña ) 604 044 448 Privada Privada Sergio
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