Stage 15: Castrojeriz - Fromista

24,7 Km
5h 30m
Countryside - Rural

General information

Castrojeriz is a fortified town since Celtic times, more than two thousand years ago. Subsequently, the hill was occupied by Romans, Visigoths, Moors and finally became part of Castile in 1131.

400 years ago, Castrojeriz was an important town because of its location on the Camino de Santiago. Many merchants flocked to the town, making it a center of commerce. However, the town's decline began when it sided with the losers in the War of the Communities of 1521.



The only difficult part of today's hike is near the start, where the Camino rises 200 meters. After that, it's an easy walk on undulating trails on a wide plain.

The route consists of quiet country roads and farm tracks between fields, with a first stage of just over 11 km without stops where you can drink. After crossing the Pisuerga River at San Nicolás, we enter the region of Palencia.

Itero de la Vega is only 1 km away. There you will find most of the services. From Itero to Boadilla it is 8 km again with nowhere to get water.

The canals are one of the main features of the landscape of the region of Castilla y León. The pilgrimage route to Fromista passes through one of the canal locks. Fromista is 5.3 km from Boadilla.

Hostels Castrojeriz - Fromista

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue A Cien Leguas C/ Real de Oriente, 78 Castrojeriz 947 562 305, 619 289 476 Private Private María del Carmen
ALBERGUE LA RINCONADA Avenida Virgen del Manzano, nº 4 Castrojeriz 698942323 RURALABEJU S.L. Unknown Aída
Albergue Rosalía C/ Cordón, 2 Castrojeriz (Burgos) 947 37 37 14, 637 765 779 Private Private Javier
Albergue Ultreia C/ Real de Oriente, 77 Castrojeriz (Burgos) 947 37 86 40 Private Private Olga y José
Albergue En el Camino Plaza El Rollo Boadilla del Camino (Palencia) 979 81 02 84, 619 105 168 Private Private Jesús
Albergue de San Esteban Junto a la plaza mayor Castrojeriz (Burgos) 679147056, 947 37 70 01 Ayuntamiento de Castrojeriz Ayuntamiento de Castrojeriz Paco
Albergue Camping Camino de Santiago Calle Virgen del Manzano s/n Castrojeriz (Burgos) 947 37 72 55, 658 96 67 43 Private Private Marina o Robert
Albergue Orion Avenida de la Colegiata, 28 Castrojeriz 649 481 609, 672 580 959 Private Private Daniel
Albergue Titas C/ Mayor 7 Boadilla del Camino 979 81 07 76 o 691 869 735 Private Private Pablo
Albergue Municipal de Itero de la Vega Plaza de la Iglesia Itero del la Vega (Palencia) 605 03 43 47, 979 15 18 26 Ayuntamiento de Itero de la Vega Ayuntamiento de Itero de la Vega Pilar
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