Stage 23: Astorga - Foncebadón

25,8 Km
5h 40m
Urban - City

General information

Astorga has been an important city since Roman times due to its location at an important crossroads.

It is located at the confluence of the Via Traiana from Bordeaux and the Via de la Plata from Merida, two major Roman roads. The city was one of the few places in Spain where Jews had the same rights as the local population and were integrated into all aspects of city life, even participating in night patrols. This lasted until 1492, when the Jews were expelled from Spain.

Astorga has a long tradition of helping pilgrims. In the past it had twenty-one hostels located here, second only to Burgos. Unlike other cities, Astorga gave shelter in its hostels to the homeless and destitute.

The cathedral and museum of Astorga that are preserved today were begun in 1471, although an earlier church existed on the site as early as 1069. The present church contains a fine 18th century altarpiece.

However, the most interesting thing about the church is the 14th century prison cell attached to the side of the building. This is where, according to local legend, prostitutes were imprisoned.



The route is easy to walk for the most part, with old asphalt roads that are rarely used.

During this stage we will find a lot of trees that go deep into the mountains of León. There are also many grassy fields where it is nice to stop for lunch and rest if you walk in the midday sun. The route climbs 250 meters, but at the end it seems like a lot more. The next two days can also be quite exhausting.

It is a longer hike than usual, but the first part is interesting for being in nature, and the second half is easy to walk. At all times of the year it will be cold, so it is worth taking out your fleece jacket when you start walking.

The views of the mountains are beautiful. The last village to be reached is Foncebadón, which was abandoned for many years, but due to the Camino, there are now some residents and four pilgrim hostels.

Hostels Astorga - Foncebadón

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue La Posada del Druida C/ Real, s/n Foncebadón (León) 696 820 136, 987 05 39 28 Private Private David
Albergue Municipal Rabanal del Camino Plaza de Jerónimo Morán Alonso Rabanal del Camino (León) 678433962, 655274613 Junta Vecinal de Rabanal del Camino Junta Vecinal de Rabanal del Camino Pedro
Albergue Monte Irago 24722 Foncebadón Foncebadón (León) 655 329 667 Private Private Luka
Albergue Gabino C/ Real, 9 El Ganso (León) 660 912 823, 625 318 585 Private Private Aarón
Albergue parroquial Domus Dei C/ Real Foncebadón No information phone Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Encina Amigos del Camino de Santiago de El Bierzo Hospitaleros voluntarios
Albergue Gaucelmo Plaza del Peregrino Julián Campo Rabanal del Camino (León) 987 63 16 47 Obispado de Astorga Hermandad y Asociación Hospitaleros voluntarios
Albergue La Cruz de Fierro C/ Real, S/N Foncebadón 699 752 144, 665 106 340 Private Unknown Ángel y Bárbara
Albergue Casa Chelo c/ Real , 23 Foncebadón 641023636 Private Unknown Chelo
Albergue de Peregrinos Ecce Homo Al salir de Astorga. Ermita Ecce Homo. Valdeviejas (León) 620 960 060, 626 733 658 Junta Vecinal de Valdeviejas Junta Vecinal de Valdeviejas Ramiro y Martha
Albergue La Huella del Camino Avenida El Peregrino, 42 San Martín del Camino 661820739 Private Private Alejandro
Albergue y Centro de turismo rural El Caminante C/ Real, 2 Santa Catalina de Somoza 987 69 10 98 Private Private Ofelia
Albergue municipal de Castrillo de los Polvazares Calle del Jardín Castrillo de los Polvazares 691 22 10 58 Junta Vecinal - Ayuntamiento de Astorga Junta Vecinal - Ayuntamiento de Astorga Bertrand
Albergue de Murias de Rechivaldo Carretera Santa Colomba Murias de Rechivaldo (León) 638 433 716, 669 067 433 Junta Vecinal de Murias Junta Vecinal de Murias Pedro
Albergue Hospedería San Blas C/ Real, 11 Santa Catalina de Somoza (León) 987 69 14 11, 637 46 48 33 Private Private Rubén
Albergue La Senda C/ Real, s/n Rabanal del Camino (León) 620542247, 669167038 Private Private Beatriz y Ángela
Albergue Nuestra Señora del Pilar Plaza de Jerónimo Morán Alonso Rabanal del Camino (León) 987 63 16 21, 616 089 942 Private Private Isabel
Albergue Casa Las Águedas C/ Camino de Santiago, 52 Murias de Rechivaldo (León) 636 06 78 40 Private Albergue Casa Las Águedas S.L. Albergue Casa Las Águedas S.L.
Albergue Casa Flor Calle Traslosportales S/N Murias de Rechivaldo 644 695 872 Private Albergue Casa Flor Miriam e Ingo
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