Stage 13: Burgos - Hornillos del Camino

21 Km
5h 10m
Urban - Mountain

General information

Burgos, city of the Cid Campeador, was founded in 884 by Count Diego Rodríguez Porcelos. It currently has a population of approximately 200,000 inhabitants. It was the seat of Franco's government until 1938. The city is full of beautiful architectural examples.

It is the perfect place to rest if you like history and architecture. If you can only visit one place in Burgos, we recommend you to visit the Cathedral. It is the best example of medieval artistic genres and styles. If you bring your pilgrim's credential, you can get a 50% discount on the entrance fee.

The cathedral of Santa María de Burgos dates from the 12th century and follows a Gothic architectural pattern. In its interior are kept architectural, pictorial and sculptural treasures of incalculable value. Among them, the tomb of the Cid Campeador.

If you are staying near the cathedral, it will be easy to join the Camino at the Puente de Malatos, walking along the river on the north side, where there is a path for walkers and cyclists. If not, you can always look for the Camino's scallop shell signs that will lead you to the bridge on Calle Fernán González, then Calle del Emperador and then Calle Villalón.



The walk from Burgos is beautiful and quiet. There are two steep climbs and descents in succession from the Rabe de las Calzadas. Most of today's hike is gravel and dirt farm roads.

Today there are two long sections without guaranteed water. From Rabe de las Calzadas to Hornillos, a distance of 8 km, where there are no villages or water sources. Be sure to stock up on water in Bercianos and Fromista.

Hornillos is a small village with one main street, Calle Real, and only 66 inhabitants.

Hostels Burgos - Hornillos del Camino

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Santa Brígida C/ Real, 19 Hontanas 628 927 317 (Albergue) Private Private Unknown
Albergue Liberanos Domine Plaza Francisco Riberas, 10 Rabé de las Calzadas 695 11 69 01 Private Private Tinita
Albergue La Fábrica Camino de la Fábrica, 27 Tardajos (Burgos) 620 111 939 Private Private Cristina
Albergue La Casa de Beli Avenida General Yagüe, 16 Tardajos (Burgos) 947 45 12 34, 629 351 675 Private Private Ángel
Albergue Arroyo de San Bol Arroyo de San Bol Unknown 606 893 407 (Albergue) Municipal Unknown Lourdes
Albergue Juan de Yepes C/ Real, 1 Hontanas 638 938 546 Private Private Amalia
Mesón Albergue El Puntido Calle La Iglesia, 6 Hontanas (Burgos) 947 37 85 97, 636 781 387 Private Private Toñi y Mari Carmen
Albergue de Hontanas Calle Real, 26 y Calle Iglesia, 11 Hontanas (Burgos) 635 532 647 Municipal Private Andrés
Albergue Hornillos Meeting Point C/ Cantarranas, 3 Hornillos del Camino (Burgos) 608 113 599 Private Private Laura
Albergue El Alfar de Hornillos C/ Cantarranas, 8 Hornillos del Camino 619 235 930, 654 263 857 Private Private Pili
Albergue de Hornillos del Camino Plaza de la Iglesia Hornillos del Camino (Burgos) 689 784 681 Ayuntamiento de Hornillos del Camino Ayuntamiento de Hornillos del Camino Balbino
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