Stage 27: O Cebreiro - Triacastela

20,8 Km
4h 40m
Urban - Countryside

General information

With just over 1,200 inhabitants, O Cebreiro is the first village in Galicia. Located at an altitude of 1,293 meters, its location has always been important for pilgrims on the French Way.

In 1072, Alfonso VI established a pilgrims' hospital here, which was entrusted to the monks of Saint Girald of Aurillac.

The pallozas are the typical houses of the area with thatched roofs. They do not have a chimney, as the smoke filters through the thatch. Meat is hung in the rafters to be cured by the smoke from the fire.



Most of this stage has gentle slopes, with some inclines between O Cebreiro and Fonfría. From here, most of the way is downhill to Triacastela (662 meters).

The route climbs back up to 900 meters at Alto de Riocaba, before slowly descending to Sarria (453 meters).

Most of today's hike will be on roads and trails, and only a small part on secondary roads. Remember that you are still in the mountains and the weather can change quickly, although the early morning hike is usually beautiful with the clouds in the valleys.

Between Biduedo and Triacastela you will pass through three small villages: Filloval, As Pasantes and Ramil.

Hostels O Cebreiro - Triacastela

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Berce do Caminho C/ Camilo José Cela, 11 Triacastela (Lugo) 982 54 81 27 Private Private Consuelo
Albergue de Triacastela En la entrada de Triacastela Triacastela (Lugo) No tiene teléfono de información Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Fillobal Fillobal, 2 Fillobal (Lugo) 666 826 414 Private Private Antonio
Albergue Refugio del Oribio C/ Avenida de Castilla, 20 Triacastela (Lugo) 982 54 80 85, 616 774 558 Private Private Elvira
Albergue Aitzenea Plaza Vista Alegre, 1 Triacastela (Lugo) 982 54 80 76, 646 56 56 70 Private Private Manu
Albergue Lemos Avenida de Castilla, 24 Triacastela (Lugo) 677 117 238 O Mirador do Oribio S.L. O Mirador do Oribio S.L. María
Albergue Linar do Rei Liñares Liñares (Ayuntamiento O Cebreiro) 616 464 831 Private Private Erica
Albergue de Hospital da Condesa Hospital da Condesa Hospital da Condesa (Lugo) No tiene teléfono de información Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue A Horta de Abel Rúa del peregrino, 5 Triacastela (Lugo) 608 080 556 Private Private Maribel
Albergue A Reboleira C/ Camino de Santiago, 15 Fonfría del Camino (Lugo) 982 18 12 71, 629 826 559 Private Private Miguel y Lola
Albergue Atrio Calle Peregrino, 1 Triacastela (Lugo) 982 54 84 88, 699 504 958 Private Private Juan
Albergue Complexo Xacobeo C/ Leoncio Cadórnigo, 12 Triacastela 982 54 80 37, 982 54 84 26 Private Private Ángel
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