Stage 6: Estella - Los Arcos

21,3 Km
5h 15m
Road - Mountain

General information

This city was known as "Estella la Bella" in the 15th century and still lives up to that name today.

It is a small but elegant town, with narrow winding streets, large stone houses, palaces, convents and endless churches. Estella-Lizarra (the Basque name) is full of history and architecture, as well as great food and cultural events.

Whether passing through as a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago, or on a day trip to attend one of its festivals, it is a pleasure to visit and an opportunity to truly understand and experience Navarre's regional culture.



22 km is not too bad for a day's walk, but if you end up walking in the midday sun in July or August, it can be quite a difficult stage.

The wine fountain is a must-see today. Many pilgrims stop here and taste the local wine. It is the best known wine fountain on the French Way and perhaps in Spain.

There are actually two fountains, the Fuente del Vino and the Fuente Irache. The Fuente del Vino, as its name suggests, dispenses wine, while the Fuente Irache dispenses fresh water. This fountain opens only between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day.

There are two routes out of Estella: the main one, which stays on the right side of the N111, and the other, not so well signposted, on the left side of the same road. Take the second route if you want to enjoy the best views of the day.

From Azquata, both paths join and head uphill towards Villamayor de Monjardín, the highest point of the day. From Villamayor de Monjardín to Los Arcos you walk along gravel tracks surrounded by vineyards and fields.

There are great views along the long sloping tracks. It is a pleasant 12 km ride through open country with little shade to Los Arcos.

Hostels Estella - Los Arcos

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Villamayor de Monjardín C/ Mayor, 1 Villamayor de Monjardín (Navarra) 948 53 71 39, 677 660 586 Private Private Javier San Martín
Albergue/hostal Rural Templario La Pata De Oca C/ Mayor nº 5 Torres del Río 948378457 Private Private Iván Darío
Albergue Casa Mariela Plaza Padre Valeriano Ordóñez, 6 Torres del Río (Navarra) 948 64 82 51, 603 359 218 Private Private Gustavo Berdeja / Yenifer Vaca
Albergue Oasis Trails Frente a la iglesia de San Andrés Villamayor de Monjardín (Navarra) 948 53 71 36 Fundación internacional Fundación internacional Hospitaleros
Albergue Sansol C/ Barrio Nuevo, 4 Sansol (Navarra) 609 203 206, 948 64 84 73 Private Private Arantxa y Asier
Albergue Karma Calle Taconera, nº 11 Sansol 665170116 Private Unknown Josu
Albergue San Cipriano de Ayegui C/ Polideportivo, 3 Ayegui (Navarra) 948 55 43 11 Municipal Ayuntamiento Cristina
Albergue Codés Los Bodegones, s/n Sansol (Navarra) 689 804 028 Private Private Asier Mancisidor y Eusebio Irigoyen
Albergue La Fuente Casa De Austria Travesía del estanco, 5 Los Arcos (Navarra ) CP 31210 +34 622184325 / +34 948640797 Private Private Camila Lopez , Ignacio Vela
Albergue Palacio de Sansol Plaza del Sindicato, 1 Sansol Teléfono (Castellano): 617641852 / Phone (English): 646334730 Jose Maria Leuza Pérez de Labeaga Jose Maria Leuza Pérez de Labeaga
Albergue Isaac Santiago C/ San Lázaro, s/n Los Arcos (Navarra) 948 44 10 91, 948 64 01 72 Municipal Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Los Arcos José Javier Osés y Gerado Zúñiga
Albergue Casa de la Abuela Plaza de la Fruta, 8 Los Arcos (Navarra) 948 64 02 50, 630 610 721 Private Private Sara Zúñiga
Casa de peregrinos La Perla Negra Carrera, 18 Azqueta 627114797 Helena Murugarren Unknown Helena Murugarren
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