Stage 28: Triacastela - Sarria

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18,4 Km
4h 15m - 6h
Urban - City

General information

This small town, founded in the ninth century, has 700 inhabitants. In its church of Santiago, from the 18th century, are represented the three castles that give rise to the name of the town.

The Triacastela quarries were important for the construction of the Cathedral of Santiago. Today the same quarries produce material for cement manufacturers.



In this stage you have to choose between two routes. Both are equally pleasant, although the one to Samos is quieter. The choice is made when leaving Triacastela.

For the first part of the Samos route it is recommended to bring plenty of water and some refreshments. The second part has a climb of 250 meters in the first 5 km. This Samos route is longer at 6.5 km, but it is easy to walk.

Many pilgrims choose to walk alone from Sarria to Santiago, as it is the easiest town to reach. Those who walk the last 100 km from Sarria are entitled to collect their Compostela. The last two villages on both routes are about 4 km from Sarria.

Hostels Triacastela - Sarria

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Internacional Sarria Calle Mayor, 57 Sarria (Lugo) 982 53 51 09 Private Private Rafael
Albergue Matías Calle Mayor, 4 Sarria (Lugo) 982 53 42 85 Private Private Alessandro
Albergue Granxa de Barreiros Carretera Sarria-Portomarín (Km 4) Ortoá (Sarria) 982 53 36 56, 698 129 000 Private Granxa de Barreiros, S.L Laura
Albergue Privado Paloma y Leña Lugar de Prado Novo. San Mamede do Camiño 982 53 32 48, 658 90 68 16 Private Private Elisa y Diego
Albergue Albaroque C/ Salvador, 1 (Monasterio de Samos) Samos 628 828 845, 982 54 60 87 Private Private Juan y Xulia
Albergue del Monasterio de Samos Monasterio de Samos, 1 Samos (Lugo) 982 54 60 46 Padres Benedictinos Padres Benedictinos Padre Domingo
Albergue Val de Samos Avenida Compostela, 16 Samos (Lugo) 982 54 61 63, 609 63 88 01 Private Private Pedro
Albergue Casino Calle Mayor, 65 Sarria (Lugo) 982 886 785 Private Private José Manuel
Albergue Obradoiro Calle Mayor, 49 Baj Sarria 982 53 24 42, 647 209 267 Private Private Beatriz
Albergue Credencial Rúa do Peregrino, 50 BAJ A Sarria (Lugo) 982 876 455, 639 722 878 Private Private Iker
Albergue Don Álvaro C/ Mayor, 10 Sarria (Lugo) 982 531 592, 686 468 803 Private Mónica Mónica
Albergue Monasterio de la Magdalena Avenida de la Merced, 60 Sarria (Lugo) +34 684 045 391 Padres Mercedarios Padres Mercedarios Mireia
Albergue de Peregrinos de Calvor Antiguas escuelas Calvor, Concello de Sarria (Lugo) No tiene teléfono de información Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Los Blasones C/ Mayor, 31 Sarria (Lugo) 600 512 565 Private Private Aurora
Albergue Oasis Vigo de Sarria, 12 Sarria (Lugo) 605 948 644, 982 535 516 Private Private Cristina
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