Stage 2: Roncesvalles - Zubiri

21,4 Km
5h 20m

General information

Roncesvalles is one of the most emblematic places on the Camino de Santiago and is steeped in history. A few meters ahead, the walker will come across a pilgrim's cross from the 14th century.

In addition, it is a tradition among pilgrims, believers and non-believers, to attend the pilgrim's mass on the eve of the beginning of their adventure on the Camino de Santiago.



The first village on the route is Burguete, known for its sturdy Pyrenean-style farmhouses. Espinal is a typical Pyrenean village that was founded by the Navarrese king Teobaldo II in 1269. The road crosses the Alto de Menkiritz mountain before reaching the next village.

In Viscarret there was an inn for pilgrims. The route forks a little and passes through Erro. Climbing the Erro pass, pilgrims will discover "Roland's steps", a large stone that, according to legend, marks the size of Roland's footprint.

The first stage of the Camino de Santiago ends in Zubiri. To get there, you have to cross the Gothic bridge of the Rabia. According to tradition, if an animal with rabies goes around the central pillar of the bridge 3 times, it will be cured.

Hostels Roncesvalles - Zubiri

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Haizea Calle Saroiberri Aurizberri / Espinal (Navarra) 948 76 03 79 Private Private Gorka Valencia
Albergue Suseia C/ Murelu, 12 Zubiri (Navarra) 679 667 603 Private Private Sara Bonal García y Raúl Escalada Pardo
Albergue Irugoienea C/ Oihanilun 2 Aurizberri / Espinal (Navarra) 622 606 196 Private Private Ángel
Albergue Río Arga Ibaia Calle Puente de la Rabia, 7 Zubiri (Navarra) 680 104 471, 948 30 42 43 Private Private Santiago Olleta
Albergue Segunda Etapa Avenida Roncesvalles, 22 Zubiri 697 186 560, 948 304 170 Private Private Ana Gil
Albergue de Peregrinos de Zubiri Antiguas escuelas. (Avda. Zubiri) Zubiri (Navarra) 628 324 186 Concejo de Zubiri Concejo de Zubiri Mª Carmen Roldán y Martín
Albergue Zaldiko Puente la Rabia, 1 Zubiri (Navarra) 609 736 420 Private Private Mª Eugenia y Oscar
Albergue El Palo de Avellano Avenida de Roncesvalles, 16 Zubiri 666 499 175, 948 30 47 70 Private Private Itziar Albizu
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