Stage 32: Arzúa - Pedrouzo

19,3 Km
4h 40m
Road - Urban

General information

Arzúa, the last large town before Santiago, has a population of about 7,000 inhabitants. Its main attractions are the parish church of Santiago, rebuilt in 1955, and the ruins of the Convent of Magdalena. In the church there are two statues of Santiago, one as a pilgrim and the other as a Moorish slaughterer.

Many pilgrims choose to stay in O Pedrouzo because it has all the necessary services and is closer to Santiago. Some prefer to stay in Santa Irene to avoid the crowds, but there are very few services available.

You can visit the chapel and fountain of Santa Irene at the end of the stage. The fountain is dedicated to the Portuguese saint and is baroque in style. The waters of the fountain are said to have healing powers.



This stage takes you through quiet forest roads with eucalyptus groves between villages. The villages are so small and the houses are so scattered that it is difficult to know where one ends and the next begins. The landscape is one of the most beautiful of the entire Camino. This is a transition stage and you will complete it comfortably. It is short and almost flat. During the second half of the stage, however, you will have to cross the main road several times.

Some things you can do on this stretch are to visit the church of Santa Eulalia or take advantage of your passage through Arzúa to taste its typical cheese. Also, as in the previous days from Sarria, there are many farmhouses and villages along the way where you can get food and water.

Hostels Arzúa - Pedrouzo

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Porta de Santiago Avenida de Lugo, 11 Pedrouzo (Parroquia de Arca) 981 511 103, 607 835 354 Private Private José Ramón
Albergue Cruceiro de Pedrouzo Avenida de la Iglesia O Pedrouzo (Parroquia de Arca) 629 518 204, 981 51 13 71 Private Private Félix y Sandra
Albergue Turístico Salceda Nacional 547, p.k 75 Salceda (A Coruña) 981 50 27 67 Private Private Lucía
Albergue O Trisquel Rúa do Picon, 1 O Pedrouzo (Parroquia de Arca - Concello de O Pino) 616 644 740 Private Private Yolanda
Albergue Hostel Mirador de Pedrouzo Avda de Lugo S/N O Pedrouzo (Concello de Pino) 686 871 215 Private Unknown Fernando
Albergue REMhostel Avenida de la Iglesia, 7 O Pedrouzo (Concello de O Pino) 981 51 04 07, 722 44 82 11 Private Private Laura y Javier
Albergue de Peregrinos de Santa Irene Concejo do Pino (Carretera general) A Coruña No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue O Burgo Avenida de Lugo, 47 (Gasolinera) O Pedrouzo (Concello de O Pino) 630 404 138 Private Private María
Albergue Privado de Santa Irene Santa Irene (Concello do Pino) A Coruña 981 51 10 00 Private Private Teresa y Cristina
El Albergue de Boni Junto al Camino (25,5 km a Santiago) Salceda (A Coruña) 618 965 907 Private Private Boni
Albergue Otero C/ Forcarei, 2 O Pedrouzo (Concello de O Pino) 671 663 374 Private Private Juan
Albergue Edreira Rúa da Fonte, 19 O Pedrouzo (Concello de O Pino) 981 51 13 65, 660 23 49 95 Private Private María e Isabel
Albergue Rural Astrar Astrar, 18. Astrar (Santa Irene) 608 092 820, 981 511 463 Private Private Manuel
Albergue de Arca do Pino Pedrouzo (A Coruña) Pedrouzo (A Coruña) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Camiño das Ocas Bebedeiro, s/n Bebedeiro - Burres 648 404 780 Private Private Susana
Albergue A Ponte de Ferreiros San Mamed de Ferreiros. A Ponte de Ferreiros, 1 A Ponte de Ferreiros (Concello de O Pino) 665 641 877 Private Private Nancy
Albergue Espíritu Xacobeo A Rúa Nº 49-50 - Pedrouzo Arca - O Pino 620 635 284 Private Private Isabel
Albergue Alborada Salceda Salceda (A Coruña) 620 151 209 Private Private Ángeles
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