Stage 19: Bercianos del Real Camino - Mansilla de las Mulas

26,3 Km
Countryside - Road

General information

The first village that we will find when leaving Bercianos del Real Camino will be El Burgo Ranero, one of the areas of the High Middle Ages where sheep introduced from Africa were bred.

During the summer the sheep were fed in the mountains and during the winter they were taken to the plateau to feed on wheat.

Other villages you will encounter along this stage are Villamarco and Reliegos. The first one is not on the road itself and you will have to detour if you are not doing the Roman route. Reliegos was so called by the Romans, as it was a crossroads where two Roman roads met.



There are two routes that leave from El Burgo Ranero, both very flat and easy to ride. Keep in mind that in this stage there are almost no villages until 5.6 km before your destination, so don't forget to bring water and some food.

Route 1: This road is the most used by all, cyclists and walkers, it is the easiest as the other road can be quite bumpy.

It was built especially for pilgrims by the local government. For that reason there is a water fountain at the halfway point. At the end of the village, you have to go straight on past the pond, which will lead you to a wooded path.

Route 2: Next to the pond there is a path that goes down to the Roman road. This route is called Via Traiana and is longer, but quieter, as it is away from the main road.

In general, the route avoids major inclines or descents, stays close to the railroad, and you can occasionally hear traffic from the nearby highway. There are no major obstacles, although there are some small ditches.

From Reliegos, you will only need 5.5 km to reach Mansilla de las Mulas, where there are already a large number of services at your disposal.

Hostels Bercianos del Real Camino - Mansilla de las Mulas

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue de Mansilla de las Mulas C/ del Puente, 5 Mansilla de las Mulas (León) 987 31 18 00 (Ayuntamiento) Municipal Asociación de Amigos del Peregrino de Mansilla Laura
Albergue El Jardín del Camino C/ Camino de Santiago, 1 Mansilla de las Mulas 987 31 02 32, 600 471 597 Private Private Olga
Albergue Gaia Avenida Constitución, 28 Mansilla de las Mulas 699 911 311 Private Private Marisa
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