Stage 20: Mansilla de las Mulas - León

18,5 Km
4h 20m
Very low
Road - City

General information

Mansilla was a Roman settlement and city located on the banks of the Esla River. Pilgrims coming from the French Way and the Vadinian Way meet in this town.

Mansilla de las Mulas quickly became known for its cattle and horse markets in the 10th century, shortly after it was recovered from the Moors and repopulated.

If you decide to spend a day of rest in Mansilla, the best-preserved red Mozarabic monastery in Spain is nearby, about 10 km to the north.

It is believed that Alfonso III built the monastery for monks fleeing persecution, however, a plaque in Latin on the building suggests that monks built the monastery.



The French Way enters the city through the Castle Gate, while the route of the Roman Road enters through the eastern gate, the Arch of the Conception. The latter is the only entrance to the city that is preserved with an intact arch. Much of the original city walls are also intact, and offer great views if you walk along them.

The road leaves Mansilla and passes over a bridge that crosses the Elsa River. From there, it follows a dirt track that runs alongside the N-120 road.

The route runs along the N-120 to León. Today's hike is easy, with only a short climb and descent between the villages of Arcahueja and León.

As the day goes on, it will become evident that we are approaching another great city, the last one until Santiago. This city is León, and it is one of the most beautiful in Spain. In the next few days we will also pass through Ponferrada, another outstanding town on the Camino.

Although the pilgrims' road no longer enters directly into Arcahueja, there is still a marked trail leading to the village.

This road is only about 200 meters long. After passing through Valdefuente, you will come across an industrial area. From there, you have to pass underneath and go around the highway to finally reach Puente Castro, which is the last village on the route.

León is only 2 km from Puente Castro.

Hostels Mansilla de las Mulas - León

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Gil C/ Cantas, 30 Reliegos de las Matas 987 31 78 04, 620 424 271 Private Private Selci
Albergue La Torre C/ La Torre, 1 Arcahueja (León) 669 66 09 14, 987 20 58 96 Private Private Lucio
Albergue Check in León Alcalde Miguel Castaño, 88 León 987 49 87 93, 686 956 896 Private Private Alfonso
Albergue San Pelayo C/ El Romero 9 Puente Villarente (León) 650 918 281, 987 312 677 Private Private Julio
Albergue 'San Francisco de Asís' Avenida Alcalde Miguel Castaños, 4. León 637 439 848, 987 21 50 60 Private Hermanos Menores Capuchinos Javier
Albergue Unamuno C/ San Pelayo, 15 León 987 23 30 10, 601 377 423 Private Private Josefina
Albergue del Monasterio de las Benedictinas Plaza Santa María del Camino León 987 25 28 66, 680 64 92 89 Comunidad de Benedictinas Comunidad de Benedictinas Sor Ana
Albergue de Reliegos Don Gaiferos C/ Las Escuelas Reliegos (León) 658656860, 619591396 Private Junta Vecinal de Reliegos Teodoro
Albergue La Parada C/ La Escuela, 7 Reliegos de las Matas (León) 987 31 78 80 Private Private Andrés
Albergue LeonHostel C/ Ancha 8, 3º D León 987 07 99 07 Private Gobar turismo y hosteleria Encina
Albergue Vive tu Camino C/ Real, 56 Reliegos de las Matas (León) 987 31 78 37 Private Private Magin
Albergue Muralla Leonesa C/ Tarifa, 5 León 987 17 78 73 Private Private Personal del albergue
Albergue Santo Tomás de Canterbury Avda de La Lastra, 53 bajo León 987 392 626 Private Private Rosa
Albergue Las Hadas C/ Real, 42 Reliegos de las Matas 620 547 454, 987 31 79 15 Private Private Filipa
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