Stage 29: Sarria - Portomarín

22,2 Km
5 h
Urban - City

General information

The town of Sarria, with just over 13,000 inhabitants, can seem quite noisy after a few days, although this is minor compared to the arrival in Santiago de Compostela.

The city and the Sarria route are traditionally very busy because many pilgrims begin their journey here (pilgrims must walk a minimum of 100 km to receive the Compostela).

Although Sarria first appears in records during the 6th century, there is evidence of an earlier Roman settlement. The town was repopulated by Bishop Odoario of Lugo after the reconquest in the mid-8th century.

The oldest part of the town is built on the hillside, and because the railroad was built next to the town, the old town has remained fairly intact.

Some of the most emblematic historical buildings in the Sarria area are: the church of Santa Marina, the parish church of Salvador, the castle built by Count Lemos and the convent of Magdalena.

Also, on the way out of Sarria is the Ermita de San Lázaro, which was a leper colony in the Middle Ages.



There will be no problems with food or water today or during the rest of the Camino a Santiago: you will rarely be more than a few kilometers from any town or village as you will pass through a total of about 21 towns and villages.

Many pilgrims use Sarria as a starting point to receive the Compostela, since you have to walk at least the last 100 km or cycle the last 200 km.

This section runs along small roads and some country lanes, and is generally wooded. This will provide good shade in case of sunny weather. There are villages every kilometer or so. It may seem like you have just left one village when you enter the next.

This route is easier than it looks on the map. It takes about 5 hours to complete. You will pass through a few villages on this route, including Barbadelo, Peruscallo, Morgade, Ferrerios, A Pena, Mercadoiro and Vilcha. From Vilcha to Portomarín is at least 2.5 km.

Hostels Sarria - Portomarín

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Novo Porto C/ Benigno Quiroga, 12 Portomarín 610 436 736 Private Private Carmen
Albergue de Barbadelo Antiguas escuelas Barbadelo (Lugo) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Vilachá Vilachá, nº 10, As Cortes Paradela (Lugo) 696 004 491 Private Unknown Irune
Albergue Pasiño a Pasiño Rúa Compostela, 25 Portomarín 665 667 243 Private Private Pablo
Albergue O Pombal Barbadelo (Concello de Sarria) Barbadelo 686 718 732 Private Private Silvia
Albergue A Casa de Carmen Barbadelo, 3 (Cerca del Albergue de la Xunta) Barbadelo (Concejo de Sarria - Lugo) 622 591 818, 633 338 906 Private Private Carmen
Albergue PortoSantiago C/ Diputación, 8 Portomarín (Lugo) 618 82 65 15 Private Private Belén
Albergue de Portomarín Carretera de Lugo Portomarín (Lugo) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Manuel C/ Rúa do Miño, 1 Portomarín 982 545 385, 679 754 718 Private Private Tamara
Albergue Casa Morgade Morgade (Aldea situada entre Brea y Ferreiros) Morgade (Parroquia de A Pinza) 982 53 12 50 Private Private Marisa y Sinda
Albergue Casa do Rego A Pena, 4 (Santa María de Ferreiros) A Pena 982 16 78 12, 626 970 788 Private Private Lorenzo y Carol
Albergue Villamartín Rúa do Peregrino, 11 Portomarín (Lugo) 982 54 50 54 Private Private Pedro
Albergue 108 to Santiago Vilei (Barbadelo) Km 108 Vilei (Barbadelo) 634 894 524 Private Private Javier y Fanny
Casa Albergue Molino de Marzán Molino de Marzán, Km 104,5 Parroquia de Barbadelo (Después de Sarria) 679 438 077 Private Private Leda
Albergue Ferramenteiro C/ Chantada, Nº 3 Portomarín (Lugo) 982 545 362 Ferramenteiro Portomarín S.L Ferramenteiro Portomarín S.L Manuel
Albergue Ultreia (Portomarín) C/ Diputación, 9 Portomarín (Lugo) 982 54 50 67, 676 60 72 92 Private Private Carmen
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