Stage 11: Belorado - San Juan de Ortega

23,9 Km
5h 30m

General information

The town of Belorado, with just over 2,000 inhabitants, was repopulated by King Alfonso I of Aragon in 1166.

Although it had been occupied since Roman times, this resettlement brought boom years for the town. Another reason for Belorado's prosperity during the early Middle Ages was its refusal to pay an annual tax to the church of Santiago de Compostela.

In the 13th century, the town had up to eight churches, a period in which Alfonso X the Wise also made important donations.

Like many cities in this region, it was divided into ethnic zones: French, Castilian Christians, Jews and Muslims. Each neighborhood had its own judges and traditions.



On leaving Belorado, we will again meet the N-120 for most of the day. Most of this stage is an easy ride until you leave Villafranca, where the route begins to climb to the Montes de Oca.

This climb can be steep at times, and unpleasant if it rains because the road will turn to mud quickly.

This area was considered the natural limit of Castilla. We recommend that you equip yourself with everything you need beforehand, as there are about 12 kms without services to the next village on the Camino.

For pilgrims in the past, this was a treacherous stretch of road inhabited by bandits who robbed and killed pilgrims. The journey begins at about 800 m and ascends to 1150 m, before descending back down to 1000 m. San Juan de Ortega awaits you 12 km from the Montes de Oca.

Hostels Belorado - San Juan de Ortega

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue de Villafranca Montes de Oca C/ Mayor, 17 Villafranca Montes de Oca (Burgos) 691 801 211 Municipal Ayuntamiento Maite
Albergue de San Roque Plaza Mayor, 1 Villambistia 687 669 734 Municipal Ayuntamiento de Villambistia Asunción
Albergue El Camino de Santovenía Pl mayor 1 Santovenia de oca 650733150 Junta vecinal Vecinos Elena
Albergue Parroquial de Tosantos C/ Santa Marina Tosantos (Burgos) 947 58 03 71 Parroquial La Parroquia José Luis y voluntarios
Albergue de San Juan de Ortega Calle de la Iglesia , nº 9 San Juan de Ortega (Burgos) 947 569 913 Parroquia de San Juan de Ortega Fundación DIPER Voluntarios
Albergue El Pajar de Agés Calle Ochabro, 12 Agés (Burgos) 686 273 322 Private Unknown Joaquín
Albergue La Campana de Espinosa del Camino Espinosa del Camino s/n Espinosa del Camino 678 47 93 61 Privado José Mir José Mir
Albergue Fagus C/ Adobera 14-16 Agés 647 312 996 947 561 329 Private Private Jorge
Albergue San Antón Abad C/ Hospital, 4 (detrás de la iglesia) Villafranca Montes de Oca 947 58 21 50 Private Private Personal de recepción
Albergue Los Arancones Calle de la Iglesia, s/n Tosantos (Burgos) 947 58 14 85, 693 299 063 Private Private Jessica
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