Stage 31: Palas de Rei - Arzúa

28,5 Km
6h 45m
Road - Urban

General information

Although there is now little in Palas de Rei to recall its historic past as a 12th century Royal Palace, there are some vestiges. The church of San Tirso has a Romanesque doorway and features a medieval building decorated with scallop shells.

The town of Melide has a long history with the Camino and a very active market. The church of San Pedro is located on the route into Melide. In front of the church is a 14th century cross that is one of the best in Galicia.



Today's route is shorter than usual and the terrain is easy to ride, with no steep slopes or steep descents. You will pass through a few towns and villages, so it will be easy to get food and water when you need it. Unless, of course, you want to take a break and have lunch in a nice place outdoors.

You will walk among oak and eucalyptus forests for most of the day, and their wonderful smell will join you shortly after Melide.

The last village you will pass through on this day is Ribadiso, which is 3 km from Arzúa.

Hostels Palas de Rei - Arzúa

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue de Melide Rúa San Antonio s/n Melide (A Coruña) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Fuente Saleta Boente, s/n Boente, entre Melide y Arzúa 981 501 853, 648 836 213 Private Private Olga, Fernando y Miguel
Albergue O Apalpador C/ San Antonio, 23 Melide (A Coruña) 679 837 969, 981 50 62 66 Private Private Antonio
Albergue O Candil Rúa Principal, nº21 Melide, A Coruña 639 503 550 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Albergue Turístico Arzúa Calle Rosalía de Castro, 2 Arzúa (A Coruña) 981 50 82 33, 608 380 011 Private Private María Jose
Albergue Ezequiel Calle Sol, 7 Melide Melide 686 583 378 Jorge Unknown Unknown
Albergue Pensión Cima do Lugar C/ Cima do Lugar, 22 Arzúa 661 633 669 Private Private José Manuel
Albergue Boente Boente, s/n (5,7 km después de Melide) Boente 981 50 19 74, 638 321 707 Private Private Unknown
Albergue Arraigos Cantón de San Roque, 9 Melide (A Coruña) 600 88 07 69 Private Private Andrea
Albergue Casa Domingo Aldea de Pontecampaña - Mato Pontecampaña (Palas de Rei) 630 728 864, 982 163 226 Private Private Gonzalo y Ana
Albergue O Abrigadoiro Aldea de San Xulián do Camiño San Xulián do Camiño (Palas de Rei) 982 37 41 17, 676 596 975 Private Private Carmen y Miguel
Albergue de Mato Casanova Casanova (Parroquia de Mato) Mato - Casanova (Palas de Rei) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue Pereiro C/ Progreso, 43 Melide (A Coruña) 981 50 63 14 Private Private Emilio y María
Albergue Vilela Rúa San Antonio, 2 Melide (A Coruña) 616 011 375 Private Private Sandra
Albergue Santiago A Fraga Alta A Fraga Alta. Castañeda 981 501 711, 699 761 698 Private Private Santiago
Albergue Milpes Ribadiso, 7 Ribadiso (Concello de Arzúa) 981 500 425, 616 652 276 Private Private Aitor y José
Albergue Santiago Apóstol Avda Lugo, 107 Arzúa 660 427 771, 981 508 132 Private Private Teresa
Albergue de peregrinos de Arzúa Cima de lugar, 6 (Capilla de la Magdalena) Arzúa (A Coruña) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue O Cruceiro Ronda de A Coruña, 2 Melide (A Coruña) 616 764 896 Private Private Fernando y Jose Luis
Albergue O Botafumeiro Rúa do Carme, 18 Arzúa 698139402 Private Private Ruben
Albergue El Alemán Boente Boente 981501984, 677251300 Private Private Jose Ramón - Fabiola
Albergue Melide Avenida de Lugo, 92 Melide (A Coruña) 640 046 428, 981 50 74 91 Private Private Abdo Boukrim
Albergue Alfonso II El Casto Avenida Toques y Friol, 52 Melide 981 50 64 54, 608 604 850 Private Private Betania
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