Stage 21: León - San Martín del Camino

24,6 Km
5h 30m
Countryside - City

General information

Leon began as a Roman military camp around 29 B.C. and settled definitively with the Legio VII Gemina or Seventh "twin" Legion in 74.

However, León suffered a significant depopulation as a consequence of the Muslim conquest of the peninsula, although it later flourished as part of the Kingdom of Asturias.



Although quite a few people get lost on the Camino in León because the markings are on the ground and they don't pay attention, the locals are very good at helping pilgrims and pointing them in the right direction if they see them going the wrong way.

The Camino follows the N-120 all day long. There are two routes after Virgen del Camino. The older route takes the N-120, while the other is more secluded and crosses major roads.

This last route is not as well marked, but it is still easy enough not to get lost. These routes end about 3 km away, so it is possible to change routes for the next day.

Once we pass the road between Virgen del Camino and Valverde de la Virgen, the route becomes solitary again and much of the traffic noise is left behind. This stage is easy to walk, although it has a long climb at the beginning.

San Martín del Camino is the village that is documented as a hospice for pilgrims in the 12th century, however, today it is a village of passage that provides a little help to pilgrims passing through.

Hostel León - San Martín del Camino

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Tío Pepe C/ El Teso, 2 Villar de Mazarife 987 390 517, 696 005 264 Private Private Loli
Albergue de Peregrinos de La Virgen del Camino Avenida Padre Eustoquio, 16 La Virgen del Camino (León) 987 30 28 00, 615 217 335 Municipal Ayuntamiento de Valverde de la Virgen María y Rocío
Albergue La Casa Verde Travesía de La Estación, 8 San Martín del Camino 646 879 437 Private Private Beatriz
Albergue de San Martín del Camino Carretera de León - Astorga Ayuntamiento de Santa Marina del Rey 676 020 388 Junta Vecinal Private Sonia
Albergue Vieira Avenida Peregrinos s/n San Martín del camino 987 378 565, 620 671 864 Private Private Amelia
Albergue Santa Ana San Martín del Camino (León) San Martín del Camino (León) 654381646 Private Private Ana y Benito
Albergue Casa de Jesús C/ Corujo, 11 Villar de Mazarife 987 39 06 97, 686 053 390 Private Private Jesús y Yolanda
Albergue San Antonio de Padua C/ Leon, 33 Villar de Mazarife 987 390 192, 687 300 666 Private Private Pepe
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