Stage 7: Los Arcos - Logroño

27,6 Km
6h 20m
Road - Mountain

General information

We head towards the province of La Rioja starting from the town of Los Arcos, which has been inhabited since Roman times and was recovered from the Moors in 914 by Sancho García.

The village has all the facilities you need as a pilgrim, along with plenty of interesting places to visit. Between Sansol and Torres del Rio there are very deep and steep ravines, and then continue on a slightly hilly route.



The journey begins at 450 meters above sea level and reaches its highest point shortly after at almost 600 meters on dirt tracks without much complication.

Afterwards we will encounter many climbs and descents, which makes this stage harder than it looks on the map. The road that continues to Viana has quite steep descents.

From this locality, pedestrian lanes that run through the industrial areas of the zone await us.

Some people choose to continue walking to Logroño, 18 km away, because it is a larger town and it is easier to find accommodation. Others prefer to stop in Viana, which is a shorter walk and a smaller town. The whole day is spent walking through fields and hills, with many short but sometimes steep climbs and descents.

Hostal Los Arcos - Logroño

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Santiago Apóstol C/ Ruavieja, 42 Logroño 941 25 69 76, 635 371 036 Private Private Juan Antonio Solanas
Albergue parroquial de Santiago C/ Barriocepo, 8, 1º Logroño 941 20 95 01 Parroquia de Santiago de Logroño Parroquia de Santiago de Logroño D. José Ignacio Díaz
Albergue de Peregrinos Albas Plaza Martínez Flamarique, 4 bajo Logroño (La Rioja) +34 688766475 Private Private Ezequiel A. López Ambrústolo
Albergue de Peregrinos Check in Rioja C/ Los Baños, 2 Logroño 941 27 23 29 Private Private Nacho Nájera
Alberguería Andrés Muñoz Calle El Portillo Viana (Navarra) 948 64 55 30, 609 141 798 (Noviembre) Ayuntamiento de Viana Ayuntamiento de Viana Silvia García y Mª Ángeles Hernández
Albergue Hostel Entresueños C/ Portales, 12 Logroño 941 271 334 Private Private Tita
Albergue Izar C/ El Cristo, 6 Viana 660 071 349, 948 09 00 02 Private Private Sonia Sáenz
Albergue Parroquial de Viana Plaza de los Fueros (Iglesia de Santa María) Viana 948 64 50 37, 646 666 738 Parroquia de Santa María Parroquia de Santa María Hospitaleros voluntarios
Albergue de Peregrinos de Logroño Rua Vieja, 32 Logroño (La Rioja) 941 248 686 Ayuntamiento de Logroño Asociación Riojana de Amigos del Camino de Santiago Asociación Riojana de Amigos del Camino de Santiago
Albergue Logroño C/ Capitán Gallarza, 10 Logroño 941 25 42 26 Private Private Alex Delgado Fernández
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