Stage 26: Villafranca - O Cebreiro

27,8 Km
7h 30m
Urban - Countryside

General information

With a population of just over 5,300 inhabitants, Villafranca has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy, relaxation and lodging options.

Its development is largely attributed to its location on the French Way, as Alfonso VI established in the area a community of Franconian merchants and Cluniac monks. In the mid-12th century, half of the population was made up of foreigners, which gave Villafranca its name, meaning "city of foreigners".



Today we leave León and enter Galicia. A little more than a kilometer after the village of Laguna de Castilla, you will see some stones that mark the limit and the distance to Santiago from there: 152 km.

There are two well-marked routes that can be taken. The first follows the main road and continues up the valley. The second consists of climbing up and down 400 meters on a more scenic but much more strenuous trail.

The first route is gently uphill for the first 20 km. However, the last 8 km are hard with a climb from 700 meters to 1,330 meters.

There will be plenty of water fountains, but you'd better have breakfast in Villafranca before leaving as there will be no food options for 11.5 km until you reach Trabadelo. After that, there will be enough food and water stops for the rest of the day.

O Cebreiro is always full of people because it is a tourist stop. You will always hear Celtic music when you enter the village because it is characteristic of the area.

Hostels Villafranca - O Cebreiro

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Camino y Leyenda Trabadelo, s/n Trabadelo (León) 602321154 Private Private Nathalie y Iou
Albergue El Paso Antigua N-VI, nº 6 Vega de Valcarce (León) 628 10 43 09 Private Private Lalo
Albergue El Peregrino C/ Camino de Santiago, 5 La Portela de Valcarce (León) 987 54 31 97 Private Particular Gervasio y Sonia
Albergue Sarracín N-VI. Nº32 Vega de Valcarce (León) 696 982 672, 987 543 089 Private Private Beatriz
Albergue de La Faba Calle de la Iglesia, s/n La Faba 637 02 59 29 Obispado Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago Hospitaleros voluntarios
Albergue Las Herrerías Las Herrerías. Antes de O Cebreiro Las Herrerías 654 35 39 40 Private Private Miriam
Albergue Casa Lixa C/ Camino de Santiago, 35 Las Herrerías de Valcarce 987 13 49 15, 608 528 715 Private Private Angelique
Albergue Camynos Antigua Carretera Nacional VI, Nº 43 Ambasmestas (León) 629 743 124 Private Private Javier
Albergue de Vega de Valcarce C/ Pandelo, s/n Vega de Valcarce (León) 606 792 791, 987 54 30 06 Ayuntamiento de Vega de Valcarce Ayuntamiento de Vega de Valcarce Montse
Albergue La Escuela C/ Camino de Santiago Laguna de Castilla (León) 987 68 47 86, 619 479 238 Private Private Isidro
Albergue Crispeta C/ Camino de Santiago, 1 Trabadelo (León) 620 329 386, 696 978 653 Private Private Pedro y Charo
Albergue Santa María Magdalena Antigua N-VI Vega de Valcarce (León) 676 867 058 Private Private Zully
Albergue El Refugio Calle Santiago, 9 La Faba 654 911 223 Private Private Miembros de la Asociación
Albergue Parroquial de Trabadelo C/ La Iglesia Trabadelo (León) 624 674 904 Parroquial Private Fran
Albergue Casa Susi Camino de Santiago, 123 Trabadelo (León) 683 278 778 Private Private Suzanne
Albergue Das Animas C/ Campo Bajo, 3 Ambasmestas (León) 987 54 30 77, 618 56 88 45 Private Private Ulrich y Sabine
Albergue Casa del Pescador Ambasmestas (Carretera Antigua) Ambasmestas (León) 603 515 868 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Albergue de Trabadelo C/ Camino de Santiago Trabadelo (León) 687 827 987 Ayuntamiento Ayuntamiento Personal municipal
Albergue do Brasil – El Roble Antigua Nacional VI. Nº 103 Vega de Valcarce (León) 634 242 642 Private Private Shenia
Albergue de O Cebreiro O Cebreiro O Cebreiro (Lugo) No information phone Xunta de Galicia Xunta de Galicia Unknown
Albergue El Rincón del Apóstol Ctra Antigua N-VI, nº 1 Ambasmestas (León) 987 543 099, 638 221 274 Private Private Mª Carmen
Albergue de Pereje C/ Camino de Santiago, s/n Pereje (León) 987 54 01 38 Junta Vecinal Junta Vecinal Manuel
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