Stage 10: Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Belorado

22 Km
5 h

General information

Santo Domingo de la Calzada is a small town located in the region of La Rioja, declared a historic site and has 6,700 inhabitants.

You will leave this village through its beautiful old town. Passing the bridge over the Oja river, built in the 18th century, you will come across the hermitage of El Puente, built in 1917.

The Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada is another of the constructions that you will find in this town. It is a mainly Gothic work built on the original Romanesque church of Santo Domingo.



The French Way closely follows the N120 road for most of the day, but occasionally deviates into villages and crosses fields and farm tracks.

The route is fairly easy to walk, with gravel paths along the road and rough roads as you turn away from the N120. But, as usual on the Camino, you will encounter many ups and downs.

This trip begins in Santiago Domingo taking the main street and crossing the bridge over the Oja River. This bridge was built by Santo Domingo and is a beautiful place. Further on, you will pass through Viloria de Rioja, his birthplace.

The first climb is a bit tough, but it doesn't take long to reach Grañón. Then the route descends steeply. You will cross the border between La Rioja and Castilla about 2 km after Grañón while walking through corn fields and farmland.

The first village you will cross within Castilla y León is Redecilla del Camino. You will continue to Villamayor del Río by a road parallel to the national road to finally reach Belorado. In this town you will have all the amenities you need.

Hostels Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Belorado

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Essentia Calle Mayor, 34 Redecilla del Camino (Burgos) 606 046 298 Private Private José Manuel
Albergue Hospital de peregrinos de San Juan Bautista Paseo de la iglesia 8 Grañón (La Rioja) 633 915 800 Parroquia de San Juan Bautista Parroquia de San Juan Bautista Hospitaleros voluntarios
Albergue de peregrinos Caminante Mayor 36 Belorado (Burgos) 947 58 02 31, 656 873 927 Private Particular Belén
Albergue Cuatro Cantones C/ Hipólito López Bernal , 10 Belorado (Burgos) 947 58 05 91, 686 90 64 92 Private Private Jana e Iker
Albergue Parada Viloria C/ Bajera, 37 Viloria de Rioja (Burgos) 610 625 065 Private Private Toni y Mariaje
Albergue municipal San Lázaro C/ Mayor, 24 Redecilla del Camino (Burgos) 947 58 52 21, 947 58 80 78 (Ayuntamiento) Municipal Ayuntamiento Carmen y personal municipal
Albergue municipal El Corro C/ Mayor, 68 Belorado (Burgos) 947 58 14 19, 639 307 923, 690 276 125 Municipal Private Minerva y Alberto
Albergue Municipal Nuestra Señora de Carrasquedo Ermita, 45 Grañón (La Rioja) 638 97 70 22, 607 84 14 84 Ayuntamiento de Grañón Private Alex
Albergue El Salto C/ Camino los Cauces, s/n Belorado (Burgos) 669 415 636, 947 614 324 El Salto Luzazul S.L El Salto Luzazul Fernando y Pepe
Albergue Bideluze C/ Mayor, 8 Castildelgado (Burgos) 616 647 115 Private Private Isabel
Albergue A Santiago Camino Redoña s/n. Belorado (Burgos) 677 811 847, 947 562 164 Private Particular Miguel
Albergue San Luis de Francia Carretera de Quintanilla, s/n Villamayor del Río 947 58 05 66 Private Private Mari Carmen y Roberto
Albergue Ave de Paso C/ El Caño, 18 Grañón (La Rioja) 666 801 051 Private Private Manu
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