Stage 12: San Juan de Ortega - Burgos

25,8 Km
5h 40m
Urban - Mountain

General information

A tourist and pilgrimage destination, San Juan de Ortega is a small village rich in cultural and environmental heritage.

It serves as a meeting point for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, with hundreds of arrivals to the village in the spring and summer months.

St. John, a follower of St. Dominic, helped build bridges in Logroño before setting out on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On his return, he chose the dangerous area of Montes de Oca to clear a road and build infrastructure to help future pilgrims on their way to Santiago.



The first half of the day, you will enjoy a pleasant ride on country roads. You will have a short, steep climb up the Sierra de Atapuerca, but the rest of the day will be easy as you descend towards Burgos.

In the year 750, Atapuerca was already one of the first villages to be reconquered and had a small Christian population. In the 1980s, the oldest human remains in Europe were discovered in caves near Atapuerca. Since 1994, continuous archaeological excavations have been carried out in the area.

As you approach Burgos, you will pass a military base, old mines and communication masts. Every 3 or 4 km there are small villages, except for the last stretch towards the city center.

Approximately 11.5 km to the center of Burgos await you.

Hostels San Juan de Ortega - Burgos

Hostel Address Place Telephone Property Management Staff
Albergue Municipal de Cardeñuela Riopico Cardeñuela Riopico Cardeñuela Riopico (Burgos) 661 438 093 / 660 050 594 Municipal Private Mabel
Albergue Divina Pastora C/ Lain Calvo, 10 Burgos 947 20 79 52 Asociación de Comerciantes de Burgos Asociación de Comerciantes de Burgos Voluntarios
Albergue El Peregrino (Orbaneja Riopico) Calle Principal, 1 Orbaneja Rio Pico (Burgos) 677 134 196 Municipal Private Yasmina
Albergue La Plazuela Verde San Polo nº3 Atapuerca 654 301 152 Private Unknown Álvaro
Albergue Municipal de Burgos C/ Fernán González, 28 Burgos 947 46 09 22 Ayuntamiento de Burgos Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Burgos Hospitaleros de la Asociación
Taberna – Albergue municipal de Agés C/ Calle del Medio, 21 Agés (Burgos) 616131376, 624635008 Municipal Ayuntamiento Silvia
Albergue El Peregrino C/ Camino de Santiago, 25 Atapuerca (Burgos) 661 58 08 82 Centro Turístico El Peregino S.L Rocío Rocío
Albergue Santa Fe C/ Los Huertos, 2 Cardeñuela Riopico (Burgos) 626 352 269, 947 56 07 22 Private Private Myriam
Albergue de Olmos de Atapuerca 'La Golondrina' C/ La Iglesia Olmos de Atapuerca (Burgos) 649 157 547 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Albergue Vía Minera Calle La Iglesia, 1 Cardeñuela Riopico (Burgos) 652 94 16 47 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Albergue La Hutte C/ De Enmedio, 38 Atapuerca (Burgos) 947 43 03 20 Private Private Eric y Jacqueline
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